about me

I am a Darwin Research Fellow based within the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter, where I work with Professor Brendan Godley and Dr Matthew Witt.

My research largely focuses on decision making for the assessment, protection, and management of marine biodiversity; with a particular emphasis on marine spatial planning and the design of marine protected area networks (MPAs) in the UK and Central Africa (Republic of Congo and Gabon). This includes modelling trade-offs in protected area design, as well as exploring how protected areas can be designed to meet conservation objectives, whilst minimising impacts on stakeholders and economically important sectors, such as fisheries and petrochemical exploration activities. I am also interested in how novel technologies such as satellite/GPS tracking can be used to understand the behaviour and distribution of marine vertebrates and small-scale fishers to inform the development of priority areas, and resolve conflicts in marine space.

Broad research areas:

  • Marine spatial planning
  • Marine protected area network design
  • Marine policy
  • Spatial ecology
  • Small-scale fisheries
  • Marine turtles
  • Systematic conservation planning